Prepare Healthy Nut Snack

Walnuts? Almonds? Or cashew? What’s your favorite kind of nuts? Do you know that they belong to the most healthy kinds of food? Just a handful of nuts covers daily dose of many important minerals. On the other hand, they’re very caloric so you’d better be a moderate eater in order to stay in shape. Learn more about the wholesome effects of nuts on your organism and get inspired by our original recipe.

Walnuts strengthen your heart, peanuts make your brain better

Each type of nuts contains different nutrients. For example almonds have a lot of calcium, pistachio nuts are full of vitamin B6 and hazelnuts contain very beneficial folic acid. Let’s have a look at the overview of wholesome effects of particular kinds of nuts:

  • almonds – strengthen bones (calcium) and improve the quality of skin (vitamin E),
  • walnuts – beneficial to your heart (omega-3 acids), help to prevent cancer (antioxidants),
  • brazil nuts – improve immunity system and make healing process faster (selenium),
  • cashew nuts – good for veggie diet (high contain of proteins, iron and zinc), improve memory (magnesium),
  • pecans – lower the level of cholesterol, help to fight fatigue (vitamin B3),
  • peanuts – improve brain functions (vitamin E),
  • hazelnuts – prevent from many heart diseases and Parkinson disease (homocystein),
  • pistachio – contribute to hormonal stability (vitamin B6), protect eyesight (lutein).

Try it without salt and sugar!

In case you want to do something for your health, buy nuts in a natural form. Salty and greasy roasted peanuts or almonds covered with sweet chocolate can’t bring anything good. You don’t have to eat nuts as such. Try to prepare nut butter and the whole family will love it.

How to do it?

  • The preparation is very easy, you just need to have the right juicer. Sana EUJ-707 is one of the best choices.
  • Pull out the sieve and replace it with the blank screen.
  • Slowly feed your juicer with nuts.
  • You get almost ready butter in the container. Stir it a little and if you like more creamy consistency add a little oil.

Get inspired by our recipes

Almond milk

The thing is, that just appropriate juicer such as '''Sana EUJ 808''' helps you to prepare this delicacy. Watch the video (minute 31) at the bottom of the page and you'll see how easy it is.

Healthy nut cake

  • Put whichever kind of nut you like in a blender with raisins and a little bit of oat flakes and sunflower seeds.
  • At the end of processing add a spoonful of honey or maple syrup and empty the final mixture in a cake form.
  • Afterwards blend banana with cocoa, which together make the topping of the cake.
  • Put the cake in the fridge for an hour and that’s it!

Bon appetite!

Published: 22. October 2014