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The hemp salve recepi.....how much of each ingredient please....want to make it

thank you

Hi Annemarie

The recipe is based on ratios. We use the following 3 ingredients according to the following ratio:

4 parts hempseed oil
1 part melted beeswax
1/8 part essential oil

So for example, to make several containers of salve, you could do the following:

200 ml henpseed oil

50 ml melted beeswax

6 ml essential oil (usually we use lavender)

Have a nice day


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Author: Annemarie (50)

Hello. Almost every day I drink fruit and vegetable juices. I’m a little worried that this could affect my blood sugar level. However, I don’t drink pure fruit juice – I always mix in some vegetables.
Also, how long can I store freshly pressed juice without losing the vitamins and minerals. Thank you.

It really depends on how much you drink.  The ideal daily amount is one or two glasses.  This will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals without too much sugar.  If you don’t like drinking pure vegetable juice, it’s OK to add in a piece of fruit.  Regarding the shelf life of fresh juice, it should be consumed within 24 hours to retain all the nutrition.


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Author: Simona (54)

Hello. I am a year into my maternity leave. I need advice for an all-day eating plan. I get up every day at 6AM and go to bed before midnight. I have time to cook lunch, but I need advice on something easy to prepare for dinner, since I am busy with raising my child in the afternoon and evening hours. I’m interested in having baked goods throughout the day. I eat whole grain wheat or rye bread, but I think I may be eating too much bread. Thank you for your reply.

It’s good that you are eating only whole-grain breads. But the question is whether or not it is truly whole-grain bread or just white bread that had been dyed darker.  The best way is to bake your own bread so you know it is truly whole-grain.  This kind of bread you can safely eat several times a day.

If you’re worried about eating too much bread, you can easily replace some of it with other healthy options.  For breakfast there are many types of porridge (oats, millet, or rice), along with oatmeal in yogurt, cottage cheese with fruit, and whole grain crackers.  For a snack, you could replace the bread with fruits and a handful of nuts or seeds.   You could also try kefir milk with fruit.  For dinner, you don’t always have to have bread.  What about trying goat cheese with fresh vegetables.  Other options include mozzarella with tomatoes and fresh basil, mixed vegetable salad with eggs, or scrambled eggs with crispbread and vegetables.  You could also try different salads, like pasta salad, salad with bulgur or couscous, or a bean salad.

Also, in reference to your daily schedule, it might be better not to follow the traditional three meals a day plan.  In your case, I’d suggest six smaller meals spread out throughout the day.  Don’t worry about eating a light late-evening snack.


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Author: Blanka (35)

Hello. I received a single auger juicer as a gift. I bought books from Heinerman and Walker, which suggests diluting the juice. After all, if you buy 100% juice it is usually too strong to drink without diluting it. Otherwise, the body must use its own water reserves to dilute it. Is it the same for fresh juice? And what about for children? I have a ten month old son. Thank you very much, Monika

If you are following this juice regimen, you don’t need to dilute the juice.  The only time you ought to do this is for small children, in a 1:1 juice to water ratio.  Regarding infants, just add the diluted juice gradually and monitor your baby for possible adverse reactions.


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Author: Monika (36)

I am professional driver with MKD. I’ve recently began gaining weight, especially around my waist. I also feel tired often and unable to concentrate. Spending six days a week sitting behind the wheel of my vehicle, I don’t get much physical activity. I’d like advice on how to modify my diet and detoxify my body. It seems a difficult task given my job.

Unfortunately since I don’t know your current diet or daily routine, I can only give you some general recommendations.  If you’d like to get more specific advice, you should visit a nutritional counselor in your area.

It’s always important to make sure your caloric intake is roughly equal to your caloric expenditures.  If you spend most of the day sitting behind a wheel (assuming you don’t have time for more physical exercise), your energy expenditure is minimal.  One thing to do is to eat small amounts of food more often, instead of one or two big meals when you are really hungry.  Try to add as many fruits and vegetables to your meals.  Also try to drink a lot of water, and minimize sweetened or carbonated beverages.  Also avoid fried or fatty meats as well as sweets.

Regarding detoxifying your body, I would suggest you try young barley or chlorella.  In addition, a daily glass of fresh vegetable juice.  Finally, start your morning with a big glass of water with lemon.


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Author: Petr-Jan (32)
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