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It arrived and it is epic!

My partner wanted a good juicer and spent days researching it. We ended up with the Angeljuicer 7500 and it's epic.

First I was a bit worried about this website because there is another one that looks quite similar and has a similar name but ordered it and it took only 2 days and the juicer arrived and it's been going solid for some 3 months of operation now and we are still super happy! I hope it will last for long! Thank you!
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Author: Mattias

(Juicing Wonder) Cure for Juvenile arthritis is the general term for referencing a variety of Pediatric Rheumatic Diseases

My Daughter(4 years old) had vitamin B3 and other few vitamin deficiencies, the slow juicer really helped our whole family on a whole and even though it was financially not feasible to buy this expensive juicer , our investment is worth every euro , my daughter recovered from her keen pains and limping ...... this juicer gave a new life again to my daughter ...... Fantastic Raw juicing ...... great health investment ...... better than health insurance ..... we love it on a whole ....
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Author: Gautam

Good service!

Good service. The product of very good quality.
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Author: Lluis

First order

Hej guys, i hope i will be satifishwd with product.
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Author: Igor

What you consume you are ...

Hi everybody
The body through which I experiencing this reality is born 29 years ago and given name Roland. It is really amazing this life experience, journey, even if this body, they say is disabled ...
They say it has a genetic disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) ... And I love it, together with everything else ... I love to take care of this body, and food/drink is one of the ways how to keep it healthy and happy ... Taking no much effort, just listening needs of the body and observing what is currently fresh food in my surrounding nature is always the preference, fruits, nuts, vegetables ... And keeping in mind alkalization ... Big joy and help to unleash the creativity in preparing meals are Vitamix pro300 and Angel juicer 5500 ... They are given to me as a gift one year ago. It is a blessing to all my family. There is no too much to say about these machines ... In the art of making nut butters, Angelia is much more subtle and quieter than powerful Vitamix ... And in taking care of cleaning both of them, a mixture of baking soda and citrus acid in hot water bath for a few hours, keeps them clean, especially Angelia from daily juicing fresh turmeric ...

Thank you EUJUICERS team,
on all your effort bringing to the people awareness of the importance of what we consume, because the food is consciousness ...
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Author: Roland

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