Juicer test: Is the best juicer a centrifugal, single auger, or twin auger?

Which juicer is the best? We did a big comparison, and the result is…

We are often asked which juicer is the best, and if it is worth paying extra for a different type of juicer. The truth is, even the most expensive juicer doesn’t guarantee the best results. To help with this question, we filmed a video in our showroom comparing different juicers so you can decide for yourself.

What exactly did we test?

In our new video we compared four different types of juicing technologies: the traditional centrifugal juicer, single auger horizontal juicer, single auger vertical juicer, and finally a twin gear machine. On each of them we juiced a kilo of grapes, pineapples, carrots, and leafy greens. We measured the time to juice, quantity of yield, and weight of the pulp.

Which juicer was the winner?

Each juicer won in certain categories. The centrifugal was the fastest, the twin gear had the highest yield and the best quality juice, while the two single auger machines were the easiest to use and most versatile. The question of the “best” juicer came down to what is most important to you. If you are thinking about purchasing a juicer, but aren’t sure which way to go, this video will help you make an informed choice.

In the video, Dan not only measures objective and measurable data, but also talks about subjective things like ease of use, juice quality, and tips about each machine. It’s a long video – the longest we’ve ever made – but it really gives a comprehensive look at different juicing technologies.

Juicer comparison test: Which juicer is the best?

Still not sure?

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Published: 24. June 2016