Is being 50% raw better than 100%?

Even if you are opposed to any strict restrictions on what you eat, you might find the concept of eating a raw diet interesting. However, you might also think this type of diet is too difficult to follow in the long run. But it is true that you get a lot of benefits from eating raw.

Is raw the best way to go?

If food has been processed at a temperature higher than 45˚C, supporters of a raw food diet consider that food to be nutritionally dead and not beneficial for our bodies. To some degree they are correct. Heating actually does degrade certain nutrients (for example Vitamins B and C), but on the other hand some nutrients are most effective at higher temperatures (such as lycopene and carotenoids).

„There is a lot of disagreement on the assertion about raw foods. According to nutritional programs like Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine, each person’s constitution dictates a different type of diet. Some people are more suited for cooked food, while others are better-suited to raw food. It isn’t possible to say that only raw food is the best diet for all people” says nutritional specialist Dr. Margit Slimákováon her YouTubechannel.

What about the increase in energy and weight loss demonstrated by Raw Foodists? That is easily explained. If anyone on a so-called “normal” diet replaced all the typical processed foods, sodas, and pastries with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, it would be strange if they didn’t feel immediately better.

raw food
raw food

What are the biggest risks of a 100% raw food diet?

The main risk is getting all the vitamins needed by the body. A problem is the deficiency of vitamin B12, calcium, and protein.There also may be an insufficient amount of calories than is required for their age and weight.Also, the restrictive nature of a 100% raw diet can in some instances lead to social isolation, as one cannot eat in most restaurants or at friend’s houses.

Does this mean that you are against raw diets?

Certainly not – really each person should be able to find the diet that suits them the best, according to how they feel. There are people who have been Raw Foodists for years, and it suits them well.

What if you want to feel healthier, but don’t want to make such an extreme lifestyle change? Introduce a partial raw diet to your lifestyle.You will see that “small changes can make a big difference."

Many health problems melt away like snow in the sun if you eat 50% raw,“ says Marie-Claire Hermans, a specialist in preparing raw food that look like they’ve been cooked. „Being raw is not about eating 100% raw foods overnight.  It is about slowly phasing in healthy foods and herbal supplements, and phasing out cooked and processed foods that will harm your body.“

raw food
raw food

How to become 50% raw?

For every meal simply do half raw. For example fill half of your plate with fresh fruits or vegetables. You can also add herbs, seeds, nuts, and cold-pressed oils.You can also juice fresh fruits and vegetables to lighten the amount of food. Some things you can dehydrate and take them with you as a snack.

50% raw is something you can do forever, or it can be a start toward a higher percentage of raw foods in your diet.

Published: 4. May 2016