Ginger-turmeric shot recipe

While celery is currently the most popular vegetable to juice for health, we think that ginger-turmeric shots are even healthier. Ginger and turmeric can have a beneficial effect on digestion, pain, inflammation, and immune system support. We've tried a few recipes and this is our favorite.

zázvorová šťáva s kurkumou
zázvorová šťáva s kurkumou


  • This recipe will make about a half liter of juice, depending on the juicer and the quality of the produce.
  • This is a strong recipe, and designed to be consumed in small quantities.  We recommend no more than 100 ml at a time.
  • You can also dilute the juice with water if it is too strong.
  • Make sure to store any unused juice in the fridge.  It will keep its nutritional properties up to 48 hours.
  • To keep it longer, we recommend a vacuum pitcher like the Sana Vacuum Pitcher.
odšťavňování zázvoru a kurkumy
odšťavňování zázvoru a kurkumy


🥕 500 g carrots
🍠 200 g ginger
🍠 50 g turmeric
🍋 150 g lemons (three small or two large lemons)
🥄 1/2 teaspoon black pepper (to taste)

odšťavňování zázvoru, mrkve a kurkumy
odšťavňování zázvoru, mrkve a kurkumy


  1. Wash and clean all ingredients.  We recommend the Sana scrubbing gloves for the carrots and ginger.
  2. Cut the tops and bottoms off the carrots. For a better juice yield, soak the carrots in a bowl of water for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Peel the lemons and cut into quarters.
  4. Use the fine juicing screen of your juicer includes both a fine and coarse screen.
  5. To lessen discoloration from the turmeric, juice it and the lemons at the very end and immediately rinse the juicing parts.
  6. Add the pepper to the finished juice.  Black pepper increases turmeric absorption uo to 20 times.

Video: Ginger-turmeric shots

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Published: 24. January 2022