Share your story terms and conditions

Share your story - Terms and Conditions

As EUJUICERS customers and fans, you constantly share your experience with us and we really appreciate it. Your story about juicing is valuable feedback, which gives us energy to continue in what we are doing. It helps both us and mainly other fans to explore more about the magic of fresh juices. 

It’s easy

What’s your common experience with juicing? Do you feel better? Did juicing help you to change your lifestyle? Did you lose some weight? Do your children love fresh juices? Which ones they like the most? Write anything*! If others like your story and give you their vote, there is a big chance to win 49 EUR!


Every first day of month we count all the votes and the author of story with the highest amount of them wins (minimum number of votes to get a win is 20 votes). If the winner buys a juicer from us in the last 6 months we refund 49 EUR**. In case the juicer was bought from other retailer more than 6 months ago or it’s being juiced with older model the winner gets voucher of the same value, which can be used towards the purchase on Vouchers are valid for 6 months so you can give them as a present to your friends or relatives!

Go ahead and '''share your story''', we’re looking forward to rewarding you!

* EUJUICERS.COM s.r.o. has the right to remove a story that does not meet the conditions of competition. We do not accept reviews of juicers or our services in the competition. For this purpose you can use comments on the product page.

** if the price of your juicer was lower than 49 EUR, we just refund the price of the juicer