Sana Supreme Juicer 727 red

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Sana Products
Juicing Process:
Single auger horizontal
40-120 r.p.m.
150 Watt
5 Kg
198 x 379 x 390 mm
Warranty (motor / parts):
10/5 years
Clear juice (without pulp)
More points means less pulp in juice.
Leafy vegetables / Herbs / Leaves
More points means better for vegetables / Herbs / Leaves.
Hard fruits / Root vegetables
More points means better for Hard fruits / Root vegatables.
Soft fruits / Berry fruits
More points means better for Soft fruits / Berry fruits.
Juice quality
More points means more quality of juice.
Ease of cleaning
More points means easier cleaning.

We recommend for

citrus fruits, fresh apples, leafy greens, root vegetables, grapes, watermelon... almost everything

Not suitable for

overripe soft fruit such as kiwi or apricot

Lifelong service free of charge

All service labor needed for the lifetime of the juicer is free of charge.  Only spare parts need to be purchased.

Free shipping

Free shipping to European countries.

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Extended warranty

Extended warranty

One additional year warranty for your juicer.


Sana glass bottle 700 ml

Borosilicate glass botle 700 ml

Steak Knife

Steak knife

Great steak knife from Stainless steel.



High quality peeler for fruits and vegetables.

Cleaning Gloves for vegetable

Gloves for cleaning vegetables

Use to remove dirt and loose skin, rinsing and cleaning carrots, parsley root, turnips, and many other vegetables.


Citroclean cleaner 1l

Special cleaner for cleaning juicers and citrus juicers.

We don´t send this product outside of EU, Norway, Switzerland and Cyprus.

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Cleaning Brush

Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush for fruits and vegetables.

Digital Kitchen Scale Sana

Sana Digital Kitchen Scale

Compact digital scale with an elegant design.

Sana Digital Kitchen Scale 
- large LCD display
- high precision strain gauge sensor
- calendar / clock / alarm clock / thermometer / hygrometer
- measures the volume of water and milk
- two unit systems: g(kg)/lb
- can zero out the weight of the container and allow exact measurements
- overload indicator / low battery
Digital Kitchen Scale Sana

Technical specification
- Max. load capacity: 10 kg
- Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA (not included)
- Color: white
- Dimensions: 220 x 175 x 19 mm
- Weight: 530 g

- Materal: tempered safety glass
- Warranty: 2 years

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In stock
delivery by 8.4.2020