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Healthy living

The way we live our lives today a healthy and raw diet is the only way to cope with.A slow masticating juicer is one of the best ways to get the daily nutrients you need and eujuicers is the best site to get it from.
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Author: Apollon

Just started!!

As a smoker for 9 years i lost my power,my breath.. So I started getting knowledge about healthy lifestyle! From my research i understood that a juicer is probably the best tool for me and Eujuicers the best market to buy it.. Thank you
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Author: Panagiotis

Family fun

We stopped to buy juice in stores 1 month ago. Now we are doing it themselves with the whole family. Children are happy to participate in the cooking process. And we are pleased to safe and quiet operation juicer SANA 707. In one serving of juice use 3 apples, for each of our 4 children.
We've been looking for a juicer that does not need to be cleaned every two minutes, which is suitable for various fruits and vegetables.

Thanks you.

Natalia and Paul

Мы перестали покупать соки в магазинах 1 месяц назад. Теперь мы делаем их сами всей семьёй. Дети с радостью участвуют в процессе приготовления. А мы рады безопасной и тихой работе соковыжималки SANA 707. На одну порцию сока используем 3 яблока, для каждого из наших 4 детей.
Мы долго искали соковыжималку, которую не нужно чистить каждые две минуты, которая подходит для разных овощей и фруктов.

Спасибо Вам.

Наталья и Павел
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Author: Naigovzen

Omega 707R - my First Juicer/Nutrition System - and it's just perfect

I have been investigating juicers (and nutrition systems) for quite some time. I was wondering: there is one that will meet all demands? Ain't possible to have something perfect, but myself I am sure this one is the most versatile option on the market. One can use it for all kinds of fruits, green leaves and vegetables without any issue. Other reviews state that might have issues with soft fruits (oranges, kiwi, etc), but I did not have any issue with it. To be proactive, I mixed them with apples and other harder fruits/veggies.
Compared with double auger system, this single auger makes little less juice (from what I read), but enables me to put bigger chunks or fruits/vegetables.
What I like most from this device is that is not only juicer, but a system that allows me to make almond (or other nuts) milk, smoothies and with external (quite expensive though) device even extract oil.
This Omega Sana EUJ-707R Nutrition System (higher version than the US counterpart: NC800HD and NC900HD) is quite expensive, but if you afford it, I would recommend this device to anyone.
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Author: Sebastian

Juicer for quality juice

Finally i found very good juicer to produce quality and tasty juices. I selected the machine (Angelia 7500 twin gear) because it is specially useful us for green juice. So thanks lot for the manufacturer.
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Author: Ajin

My story

I hope that I found at last very good juicer and my friends agreed with me.
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Author: Regina
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Amazing juicer

Watch you guys on youtube for years but I never bought from you any juicer...When the right time came I bought two Sana EUJ-808 for two relatives, different colours of course to avoid any conflict of interest . Spread the love and keep juicing!
p.s. I still have my Hurom HU 600...beautiful machine!
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Author: jose

Juice for our children

Whenever our family goes to the woods we harvest herbs and greens. When we come home most of them will go directly into the juicer together with our home grown pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts. Maybe an apple will sneak in as well but it is amazing how well these green juices tastes for the children age 5 and 6, especially if they have done it themselves :) We all feel great after a nice juice and of course the kids by far are the ones with the fewest days home from school and kindergarten due to colds and flu;-) We are making juice 6-7 days a week and are really looking forward to be upgrading to an angel juicer to get the very best out of all our efforts. Juicy love and peace from fam. Dalgaard
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Author: Jeespeer


My wife and I have always believed that a healthy diet is synonymous to health. Four years ago mi father-in-law was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer. He did not want to undergo any chemotherapy or radiation. He preferred to have quality of life as long as he could.

This is when I proposed an alternative where food was the key to his cure. My father-in-law responded very well. He changed his diet drastically to one based on fruits and vegetables. His health improved daily.

My brother, who is married to an American, mentioned that in America there is a doctor, Dr Gerson, who cures cancer patients with fruit and vegetable juices. He told us that Dr. Gerson has created centers in order to teach patients to follow this method.

My brother gave us the link to your company. This information was very interesting for me and I decided to look up your machine on internet. I didn’t doubt for a minute and I ordered a machine to try it.

Two years later my 3-year-old nephew named Arnau was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer, which affects the nervous system and is difficult to treat. He was submitted to diverse types of chemotherapy and the difficult side effects that come with the treatment. However the daily juices enabled him to have a better quality of life and event helped him avoid being admitted to the hospital. His defenses are remaining strong and at the same time his body is much stronger to fight the illness. Since he began drinking the juices his quality of life has improved immensely.

My father-in-law is clinically cured. His tumor has been reduced to a “dry raisin-” After a year and a half my nephew is almost cancer-free. Actually in just a few months, my family and closest friends have bought the juicer. My children have fruit and vegetable juice for their snack every day, my wife has juice for breakfast and I have a juice daily for lunch. We feel very well nourished and with plenty of energy.

Last May a good friend of my wife’s at the age of 46 was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The doctors gave her no hopes and she was only given palliative chemotherapy. She came to see us since she knew of the success of my father-in-law and of my nephew. She wanted us to help her choose an alternative. We advised her and we ordered a juicer for her. After 9 months of daily juices, the tumor has reduced by half leaving the doctors totally perplexed. But the best part is that while she was undergoing chemotherapy she was able to continue her everyday life (take the children to school, enjoy the weekend with the familiar and even travel…) She admits that she feels good and full of energy.

In our area of Vic-Barcelona, Spain, the juice machine is taking off like a rocket. People call me at home to come and see the juicer and they are interested in it. In just this year we have directly ordered 8 machines for people who have consulted us (thanks to our advising).

I wanted to share this information and experiences with you and thank you infinitely since thanks to you and your machine, many people feel better, and they have hopes, and above all, they have “quality of life.”

At the same time I would like to take the opportunity to say that in case you were willing to give us any type of benefit for having ordered (and advised to order) so many machines, we would like to give that benefit to our brother-in-law named Jaume who does not have a machine and he said that he would love to have one.

Thank you in advance,

Guillem Casanovas
c/ Martí Pol
Vic (Barcelona)
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cancer and ejuicer Sana by Omega 707

We have a son . He's 4 years old and is suffering from cancer. We treat with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This makes you feel very bad, but des that every day making fruit juices and vegetables with " Sana EUJ-707 " have seen a great change. he is improving. Our friends and family have been improving Arnau , our son , and we have given " ejuicer omega 707 " two families met at the hospital, so that their children will improve as ours. Thank you, because somehow helping Arnau madness .
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Author: David

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