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First order

Hej guys, i hope i will be satifishwd with product.
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Author: Igor

What you consume you are ...

Hi everybody
The body through which I experiencing this reality is born 29 years ago and given name Roland. It is really amazing this life experience, journey, even if this body, they say is disabled ...
They say it has a genetic disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) ... And I love it, together with everything else ... I love to take care of this body, and food/drink is one of the ways how to keep it healthy and happy ... Taking no much effort, just listening needs of the body and observing what is currently fresh food in my surrounding nature is always the preference, fruits, nuts, vegetables ... And keeping in mind alkalization ... Big joy and help to unleash the creativity in preparing meals are Vitamix pro300 and Angel juicer 5500 ... They are given to me as a gift one year ago. It is a blessing to all my family. There is no too much to say about these machines ... In the art of making nut butters, Angelia is much more subtle and quieter than powerful Vitamix ... And in taking care of cleaning both of them, a mixture of baking soda and citrus acid in hot water bath for a few hours, keeps them clean, especially Angelia from daily juicing fresh turmeric ...

Thank you EUJUICERS team,
on all your effort bringing to the people awareness of the importance of what we consume, because the food is consciousness ...
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Author: Roland

Thank you, eujuicers

As a neophyte juicer (it's only been a few years) you know how confusing starting out can be with all the different brands and models. I must I am very pleased with my final choice (Sana) because it works well and cleans easily. The advantage of buying directly from eujuicers was that I was well-advised as to the right juicer to choose for the juicing I would be doing. Whenever I've had a problem, there was always someone there to help me out inding the best solution. Thumbs up for this great organization. Really helpful and professional. Thank You!
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Author: Jakki

Better life

From the moment i bought the vacuum blender, i feel more energized. It is perfect for making baby food, which stays fresh longer. Comparing it to my previous blender which i occasionally used, my vacuum blender is used every Day!

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Author: Demetris

Upgrading on wellness

I have been juicing for about 15 years. I first went on an 'accidental' juice fast during a period of high stress in my 20s, when I didn't feel like eating any solid food. After about a week, when I looked myself in the mirror I realised my skin had never been as glowing and my eyes as clear as they were during this fast. My energy was sky high as well. Since then I have been a firm believer in the power of juicing.

I have owned 3 different centrifugal juicers until now. Although I have been happy with the results they were producing, I decided it's time to upgrade and get a proper masticating juicer for our growing family, so I just ordered the Omega Cube juicer from EUJuicers. I was originally going to go for the classic Omega model (J2008) but the design of the Cube is just so sleek and beautiful and surpasses any other horizontal auger juicer. I hope the manufacturing quality remains the same as older models!

I can't wait to make baby food and nut butters on our new juicer!

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Author: Ioanna

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