The best way to keep juice fresh

If stored properly, freshly-pressed juice can keep most of its flavor and nutrition for 48 hours. Here are four tips to maximize freshness.

Jak prodloužit trvanlivost čerstvých šťáv?
Jak prodloužit trvanlivost čerstvých šťáv?

1 | Use a slow juicer

  • High-speed (centrifugal) juicers add a lot of air and heat to juice, causing rapid oxidation. It will separate, turn brown, and get a foamy "head" like beer if you store it. It's always best to make juice from a centrifugal juicer right when you want to drink it. 
  • Slow juicers (single and dual-auger) operate at low speeds(40-120 rpm). They press juice gently, minimizing oxidation. Juice yield and flavor is higher using a slow speed juicer, and juice made with these juicers is suitable for short-term storage.
citronová šťáva
citronová šťáva

2 | Add a little lemon or lime

  • The ascorbic acid in citrus slows down oxidation substantially. Adding a bit of lemon or lime to your juice will keep it fresher longer.
  • Lemon and limes have a distinctive taste, but they actually complement other juices very well.  They go well with apples, root vegetables, summer fruits, and leafy greens. A little lemon can make a boring vegetable juice really pop with more flavor.

3 | Minimize contact between juice and air

  • Immediately after juicing, pour the juice into an airtight bottle.
  • Narrower bottles are better than wider bottles, as there is a smaller contact area with air.
  • Even better, store the juice in a vacuum container like this one.
  • Make sure to fill up the juice as close to the top as possible, to minize air contact.

4 | Store the juice in the fridge

  • No matter what container you use, make sure to put the juice in the fridge as soon as possible.

VIDEO: How to store fresh juice

This video shows our tips for keeping juice fresh. Plus we make juice in the new Sana 727 Supreme and show how to use the Sana vacuum container.

sana supreme
sana supreme

Sana 727 Supreme

  • currently the most advanced juicer on the market
  • 4 speeds for the best results with different types of produce
  • fast and easy cleaning
  • 10 year warranty on motor; 5 year warranty on parts
  • includes stainless steel pulp container and custom Sana Bohemian crystal glass
  • Red Dot award winner for product design 2021
  • Recommended for: root vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs, celery, currants (red, white and black), sea buckthorn, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, gooseberries, citrus, fresh hard apples and pears, fresh grapes, melons, sorbet, baby food, nut butter
vakuový džbán
vakuový džbán

Vacuum jug

The vacuum jug shown in the video canbe included as a free gift when you buy selected juicers, or it can be purchased separately

  • it takes less than a minute to remove most of the air
  • extends the shelf-life of juice up to 48 hours
  • 1 liter capacity
  • BPA free
  • includes hand pump
Published: 25. August 2021