Make watermelon sorbet with your juicer

Just freeze a seedless watermelon and run it through your homogenizing screen. It's the simplest recipe ever!

Melounový sorbet se šnekovým odšťavňovačem | Jak na to
Melounový sorbet se šnekovým odšťavňovačem | Jak na to

What do you need?

  • single-auger juicer equipped with a homogenizing screen or sorbet screen (most horizontal juicers include this)
  • ripe seedless watermelon


  1. Cut the melon insto pieces to fit your juicer's feeding tube (make sure to remove the rind).
  2. Wrap the pieces in foil or baking paper and freeze overnight.
  3. Put the blank or sorbet screen in your juicer.
  4. Remove the watermelon strips from the freezer and allow to thaw for about 5 minutes.
  5. If your juicer includes pasta nozzles, use the big round nozzle for the smoothest consistency. But a nozzle isn't necessary.
  6. Put a bowl under the pulp outlet to catch the sorbet, and a glass under the juice outlet in case of any dripping.
  7. Process the frozen watermelon strips through the juicer and serve right away.

Video: Watermelon sorbet

See how simple it is to make watermelon sorbet, along with tips for choosing the best watermelon.

Which juicers are best for sorbet?

Sorbet can be made in any slow juicer equipped with a blank (homogenizing) screen or sorbet screen.  Among horizontal juicers, we recommend the Sana 606, Sana 707, Sana 727, and Vidia SJ-002. Among vertical juicers, we recommend the Sana 828 and Omega MMV.  

Sana Juicer 707
Sana Juicer 707

Here's the juicer we used in our video

Sana 707

  • does more than just make juice, including sorbet, nut butter, herb grinding, almond milk, and baby food
  • can also make cold-pressed oil with the optional Sana Oil Extractor
  • takes only 90 seconds to completely clean it after juicing
  • not only makes great fruit juice, but gets excellent results with leafy greens and root vegetables
  • our best seller
Published: 4. August 2021