How to pick the sweetest watermelon for juicing

Plus juicing tips

Jak vybrat nejsladší meloun pro odšťavňování
Jak vybrat nejsladší meloun pro odšťavňování

What to look for in the store

  • Watermelons which are harvested before ripening will not become sweeter after they are picked
  • Ignore the "female versus male watermelon". This was an internet myth and isn't true.
  • The best way to determine a watermelon's sweetness is to look for the "field spot". This is the part of the watermelon that faced the ground. If it is white or green, it was picked too early. A yellow or golden field spot indicates a watermelon that ripened on the vine, and will be much sweeter.
  • Look to see if the watermelon has a stem attached.  A green or fleshy stem indicates it was picked too early.  A dry, brown, or curled stem indicated it ripened on the vine.
  • A watermelon with vein-like patterns will be sweeter. These are marks left by bees when it was tiny and being pollinated.
  • Make sure the watermelon is firm and not soft.
  • You can also tap or knock on the watermelon.  Generally speaking, a deeper thump indicates a watermelon with more ripe flesh inside.  A tighter or firmer sound indicates it is more firm throughout the watermelon, and may not be fully ripe inside.  Note that this method is the least reliable, as different varieties of watermelon will  make different sounds.  It is best when comparing watermelons of the same variety.
  • You can also lift up comparably sized watermelons.  A riper watermelon will feel heavier in comparison.

Tips for juicing watermelon

  • Because of their high water content, watermelons work great in all types of juicers.
  • As always, a high-speed centrifugal juicer will add air and foam.  Make sure to drink juice from a high-speed juicer right away.
  • A low-speed juicer will make more juice, and it will be clearer and sweeter.
  • Seeded watermelon are better for juicing than seedless. Not only are they much cheaper, but the seeds help move the pulp through the juicer and keep it clean.  The seeds are separated into the pulp and don't get into the juice.
  • Watermelons go great with cucumber, citrus, and mint.
  • If you want to juice the rind, make sure to only use organic or bio watermelons.  Be sure to cut the rind into small pieces and go very slowly, as it can damage the juicing screen if forced too quickly through the juicer.

VIDEO: Choosing the best watermelon for juicing

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Published: 13. August 2021