Citrus juicers: When you really don't want to peel another orange

If you're only interested in juicing oranges, grapefruit, or other citrus fruits, a citrus juicer is the way to go. Not only are they cheaper than our slow juicers, they are much faster too since you don't have to peel the fruit. And cleaning is faster too.


No peeling required

  • Just cut the fruit in half.
  • It doesn't matter which type of citrus juicer you choose - they are all fast and easy.
  • The juice quality is perfect, as all citurs juicers use slow speed or pressing technology.
  • Cleaning is simple. Just rinse the parts under running water. Citrus juice naturally keeps things clean.
electric citrus juicers
electric citrus juicers

Electric citrus juicers

Electric citrus juicers use a rotating auger that presses into the open half of the fruit. Cheaper machines have you hold the citrus half manually, while others use a lever to push the fruit against the auger. Either way, make sure not to press too hard, or you may get some of the bitter citrus oils from the peel into your juice. Some machines come with different size augers for smaller or larger citrus.

mechanical citrus juicers
mechanical citrus juicers

Mechanical citrus press

Unlike electric juicers, the auger does not rotate in mechanical juicers. Instead they use sheer force and pressure leveraged through a strong metal handle to press out the juice. Simply place the half citrus face down in the bowl and pull the handle. This is probably the "cleanest" juice you can make. These juicers are large and very heavy, but are the fastest to use and easiest to clean. And of course, they will work in the apocalypse as no electricity is needed. 

nástavce na lisování citrusů
nástavce na lisování citrusů

Citrus attachments for slow juicers

Some premium slow juicers offer an optional citrus juicer attachment. If you already own one of these juicers, this is a very convenient way to get citrus juice quickly without peeling. a juicer and in the morning rush with citrus juice, with the attachment you will have it much faster than without it. When mounted on the motor base, it functions the same way as an electric citrus squeezer. The juicer's motor rotates an auger, and you press the citrus half against it. Of course, you can always juice peeled citrus fruit in the juicer the standard way.

The following juicers offer a citrus attachment:

Sana 828

Sana 808

Kuvings Evolution



Published: 10. December 2019