A quick tip to strengthen your immune system

Germs are coming at you from all sides! Fight them off with this cure.

Drinking fresh juice every day during cold and flu season is the best way to avoid being brought down by those germs.

But you can actually boost the effect of those fresh vitamins.  How? Simply add a bit of ginger to your fresh juice when you are pressing it – just 2 cm of ginger root a day is effective.

Ginger, which has been called a panacea and a “universal medicine,” greatly enhances immunity, is anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic.

Even if you are already sick, try some fresh pressed ginger in your juice. It dissolves phlegm, reduces chest pain, soothes a hacking cough, and helps to manage other discomforts of flu and colds.

And because of this, you can get back on your feet sooner!

Published: 20. October 2015