A quick tip on how to detoxify with beets

Whenever a new year rolls around, you’ll see all kinds of detoxifyingideas. These can be special diets, pills, or even what is claimed to be practically a „magic potion.“to help you get over all the alcohol or sweets eaten during the holidays. If you have a juicer in your kitchen, you can forget about those crazy ideas and detox naturally.

All kinds of fresh-pressed juices have natural detoxifying properties, especially darker fruits.  Generally speaking, the darker the fruit or vegetable, the stronger the detoxification properties they possess.

The king of cleansing vegetables if the humble beet. However, because it has such strong properties, it should almost be treated like a drug – at least at first.

So if you’re not accustomed to drinking fresh beet juice, start slowly – make no more than 100 ml a day, and definitely combine it with carrot juice to make a mixture of at least 300 ml.

Later on you can slowly increase the amount of beet juice in the mixture.  If you consume too much beet juice, you can have cleansing reactions such as burning skin, nausea, and dizziness.  But if you keep it at no more than 100 ml a day, these symptoms will disappear in time..

In addition to cleansing and detoxifying, beet juice has other benefits:

  • significant  boost to the immune systemimunity
  • strong anti-cancer properties (it is recommended during cancer treatment and recovery, because it protects the body from damage caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
  • the ability to reduce blood pressure, especially when used in conjunction with high-quality natural honey
  • supports blood production
  • promotes good mental health, which is especially important during the dull days of winter!

Caution! If you suffer from urinary stones or metabolic disorders, consult a doctor before beginning beet juice therapy.  Also, due to the high sucrose content, diabetics should limit their beet juice consumption.

červená řepa
červená řepa
Published: 12. January 2016