A fast way to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath is one of those things that is awkward for everyone: the person with bad breath, especially when they don’t realize they have it, and of course the ones who are “up close” to someone with this condition. Brushing teeth or using mouthwash can provide a temporary respite, but aren’t a long-term solution.

„Bad breath is caused by the fermentation of food waste that remains in the body,“writes Doctor Norman Walker in his book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices.So you can’t blame it on bad teeth or a gum infection.  In fact, these conditions are most likely a result of a toxified digestive tract as well.

jak odstranit zápach z úst?
jak odstranit zápach z úst?

What’s the solution?

According to Dr. Walker, the solution is detoxification – ridding the body of this fermented waste. One easy way to jump-start this process is through a detoxifying juice made from carrots and spinach in the following quantities:

  • 300 g carrots
  • 200 g spinach

To get the best results, you should consume at least half a liter of this juice every day for several weeks (ideally during a juice fast or at least two hours after eating).

Carrots and spinach aren’t just for bad breath

This combination of carrots and spinach is almost a “holy grail” for many health conditions in Dr. Walker’s book. Because of the cleansing effects of this combination, you may notice not only better breath, but a general improvement in health and energy. Detoxifying allows the body to jump-start its own natural healing processes.

Published: 7. April 2016