My wife and I have always believed that a healthy diet is synonymous to health. Four years ago mi father-in-law was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer. He did not want to undergo any chemotherapy or radiation. He preferred to have quality of life as long as he…
We have a son . He's 4 years old and is suffering from cancer. We treat with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This makes you feel very bad, but des that every day making fruit juices and vegetables with " Sana EUJ-707 " have seen a great change. he is improving.…
In too days I made mixture of juice that I fell in hand. I wonder if it's something you can not do juice? You can make fruit juice, citrus, vegetables. And from what you do have to throw balls (to the delight exclusively our 3 children). More than juice, make butter ( almonds,…

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