Watch you guys on youtube for years but I never bought from you any juicer...When the right time came I bought two Sana EUJ-808 for two relatives, different colours of course to avoid any conflict of interest . Spread the love and keep juicing!
p.s. I still have my Hurom…
Whenever our family goes to the woods we will harvest herps and greens. When we come home most of them will go directly into the juicer together with our home grown pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts. Maybe an apple will sneak in as well but it is amazing how well these green…
My wife and I have always believed that a healthy diet is synonymous to health. Four years ago mi father-in-law was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer. He did not want to undergo any chemotherapy or radiation. He preferred to have quality of life as long as he…

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New Omega VRT402

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