After regular drinking of fruit and vegetable juices, I noticed that I´m not so tired after work, I do not have headache anymore, I have healthier skin, better digestion, heartburn disappeared. I very appreciated the fact that my high blood pressure dropped down.

I bought my juicer 2 weeks ago with no expectations. Always wanted to have professional juicer but the prices were the problematical part.
Well, now after having Omega 8006 I can say it is more than a simple juicer it is a part of my life.
During 2 years, I was trying…
As a Gulf War Combat Veteran who had suffered for years and years from a myriad of symptoms as well as being on a handful of meds every day, I had enough and started "believing" in nature to be my guide to renewed health.
I began by replacing my meds with herbs,…

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