Stella Zoi
Dear EU Juicers staff,

you have indeed changed our everyday life "quality wise"!! We would like to share our slow juicer experience and thank you for your helpful & effective customer service. After a lot of deliberation, we have decided with my wife, to…
I began to drink fruit juices at the beginning of this year. Before, I was often tired and was lacking energy. My colleagues irritated me I even didn’t wanted to speak with any of them. I was lacking patience with my children and just preferred to stay alone. Problems…
Votre machine est devenue l'amie de tout la famille, chaque soir nous faisons un jus qui nous apporte le plein de vitAmines.

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Choosing my juicer

What should I know before buying a juicer?

First, you should know that we have been searching for and testing high quality juicers long before you decided to buy one for yourself. Passing this vast experience on to you will enable you to find the best juicer for your juicing needs.

The easiest way to get the right juicer is to read through our Honest guide to choosing a juicer.

Honest guide to choosing a juicer

Choosing a juicer is not as simple as it looks. All juicers can juice, but the actual process of getting the juice and the end result is always different. Different process means different working steps, different time needed for juicing, different fruits and vegetables and different juices.

Finding the right juicer always involves a compromise. An absolute ideal juicer is not available yet and therefore we are here to help you to find the best juicer for your needs.

Before buying a juicer you should ask yourself these questions?

Pineapple juice

What will I juice?

Juicers obtain juice from most fruits and vegetables. It becomes interesting once you get to leafy greens and small berries which are not suitable for every juicer. For example single auger and dual gear juicers are suitable for wheatgrass and herbs, but centrifugal juicers don’t manage such things very well. It´s very important to know, what you will juice mainly and what will be the expectation on your menu.

What kind of juice do I like?

Do you like thick juice full of the small fruit and vegetable pieces from low RPM juicers or do you prefer water based juices from centrifugal juicers? Do you plan to consume the juice right after you have made it from your centrifugal juicer or do you need low RPM juicer which allows you to keep the juice for a bit longer? Are you able to deal with foam which is made when juicing with centrifugal juicers?


How many fruits and vegetables will I process?

centrifugal juicers can process large amounts of fruits and vegetables very fast where low RPM juicers can work for 30 minutes at one time. With a slower juicing process, the better is the juice quality and the healthier the juice becomes. In those 30 minutes you are able to produce enough juice for the whole family. Some juicers have closed system so you are limited as to how much juice you can process at one time. So consider how much juice you will consume each day.

How often will I use the device?

All juicers should be cleaned directly after finishing the juicing process. This action might not be a problem in the beginning but a big obstacle after some time. So we advise you to rethink this aspect before buying a juicer. You should decide if you prefer efficiency or practical use. Sometimes it is better to get lower quality juice from a centrifugal juicer every day than none from great low RPM juicer which ends up on a shelf because you are not willing to clean it.

How much money is my health worth?

There is a wide range of juicers and also a wide range of prices. Those really cheap centrifugal juicers which can be found on the market normally will not last long and will also have poor juicing results. In a way, this is a sort of investment. Juicing with a cheap machine most always has bad results which could cause you to stop juicing totally. For this reason we would suggest saving your money and not purchasing a machine at all. Centrifugal juicers are good for beginners. The middle class juicers are represented by single auger juicers. Most expensive juicers are Dual gear juicers as they have best juicing results. If you don´t know, which device to select even after reading our „Honest guide to choosing a juicer“, do not hesitate to contact us - and we will do our best to help you make the right choice for your personal needs.

We want you to use the juicer as much as possible and make your life healthier. Buying a device is often an expensive step, which is compensated by living a better and healthier life. If you have any questions, please contact us.