Omega Juicer, Breville Juicer, Sana Juicer by Omega, Hurom or Angel Juicer?

We were sampling and comparing every juicer which we offer now. We share our results with you on our website, Facebook or YouTube channel. We started our work in 1992 and our experience allow us to give you good advices if you´ve decided to improve your healthy lifestyle. Your choice would be probably all-purpose juicer but we have bad news for you - it doesn´t exist. Always it´s necessary to choose the best juicer for your purpose!

How to choose the best juicer?

Our comments and product range are based on our experience and our sampling. It´s not easy to choose the best juicer. Each of us prefere something a bit different. We provide to you objective information about Juicers and share all information with you. But you have to do the final choice. Don´t worry, if you find out it wasn´t the best choice let´s contact us and we allow to you change it (for free)!

In 1992 the king of all juicers was legendary Champion Juicer made in USA. Altough this juicer is still available (almost the same model) a lot of new great juicers came. Currently the best juicers are Omega Juicer, Angel Juicer, Green Star Elite, Breville Juicer, Sana Juicer by Omega, Green Power Kempo Juicer, Hurom, Coway or Z-Star Juicer. Other juicers like Twin Health Juicer didn´t keep the press of competition and the production have been stopped. We continue in our work and search new and new juicers for you - we compare quality, yield, cleaning and next parameters which are the most important if you decide to buy the best juicer.